.TV domains are selling for thousands of dollars all the time

I’ll start this post by saying, I don’t own a lot of .TV domains and I’ve never made a lot of money buying and selling .TV domains. So don’t read the headline and think, oh Morgan’s telling me .TV is hot and I should start buying them ASAP. As a domain investors I like to keep me eye on sales across all the extensions I own since it can be all too easy to become myopic and only look at .COM sales.

When it comes to a non .COM domain extension like .TV, it’s usually on the most premium domains that see meaningful sales prices. I tend to focus on one-word domains that I could see selling for six-figures in their equivalent .COM. In .TV I own names like Bourbon.tv, Hacking.tv, Huddle.tv (Huddle.com sold for $131,400).

I was poking around on NameBio today and decided to look up some of the latest .TV sales numbers, and like the post title says, they’re still selling for thousands of dollars, all the time. Here’s a look at some recent sales data:


(Image Source – NameBio)

While I am surprised to see that Large.tv only sold for $121, seeing a two-word .TV like SportsBet.tv go for $7,250 is pretty interesting. Today Yaddle.tv sold for $3,100 and the highest most-recent sale is an NN.tv, 89.tv which sold for $10,000.

So what does all this mean? Really nothing for most domain investors because I don’t think a lot of people are (or should be) investing in .TV very much. What this does show is that for those of us that have a handful of .TV names, you’re not crazy asking for something in the four figure range.

Do you have any .TV? Had much luck selling them? Was this data news to you or are you thinking “duh Morgan I already knew this!” I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton