If you’re trying to sell domain names, this tool could save you a lot of time finding potential buyers

Selling a domain, outbound, is hard. While you might have bought a domain and thought that you had the perfect buyer in mind, most people quickly learn that their ideal buyer actually isn’t interested in the domain at all. The reality is that sales can often be a numbers game when it comes to domain names, which means that reaching out to one or two potential buyers probably isn’t going to seal the deal.

In the past I used to search on Google and create lists of potential buyers that I would usually store in a spreadsheet that I continually updated as I found new potential buyers. If you’re only selling one domain this is manageable, but if you’re trying to sell a number of domains, this manual process can spiral out of control.

This is where a really handy tool from Estibot saves the day, it’s called Lead Generator & End User Finder and you can find it in the Dashboard under Popular Tools:


Once you open the tool all you need to do is enter the domain name that you’re looking at generating leads for and Estibot starts curating a list of potential buyers. Here’s an example with a domain from my portfolio:


As you can see, in this case the lead generator found 443 leads and I can even go a step further and select which potential buyers I’d like to email. While I probably wouldn’t want to email 443 leads, this is a great way to start with a solid list of potential buyers and then review and consolidate down to a list of maybe 20 – 30 good potential buyers.

Hats off to Estibot for making this tool, it is one heck of a time saver!

How do you find potential buyers for your domains? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton