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This month I am developing the site – I detailed the process I follow when working on a domain development project earlier this month. The goal is to complete the site by the end of June, ideally in under 20 hours. I spend absolutely no time on development during the week so all this time must come from my weekends. I spent about two hours on Sunday creating the logo, coding the site, and creating the navigation.

While I’m not an incredible logo designer by any stretch of the imagination I hope this shows how easy it can be to create a decent-looking logo for a site. Using good old TextEdit that comes free on any Mac (just like Wordpad for the PC) I wrote the HTML and CSS code for the site. Clean navigation is essential for every website since you want the user to understand very quickly how to navigate the site. I decided to go with a curved black bar with text in the middle. By using actual text rather than images for the navigation links this will help the site rank better in search engines once it is released to the public.

Another small thing I did for SEO purposes is the current title “ – Free Translation – Translation to English”. I carefully picked this title by using the Google Adwords Keyword tool and looking at which keywords are most frequently associated with “translate” when people are searching on Google. The title tag, along with the domain name itself are key factors in SEO so it is always important to get the title tag just right – it can go a long way!

So you probably want to see what the site looks like now right? Here is the early beginnings of what will soon become – let me know what you think of the initial design. As the month continues to progress I will share each step with you:


Want to see it in your own browser – you can view the preview here.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton