How the iPhone 3GS and Twitter will change the Online Video Market Forever

Today Apple launched the iPhone 3GS and unknowingly may have changed the landscape of the Internet forever. How did they do this, somewhat unintentionally? One word – Twitter.

So now you might be saying – Morgan – you’ve missed it! Twitter is only text! Incorrect. Thanks to you can now share videos on Twitter. The iPhone 3GS can take video and upload them or share them on Twitter with the press of a button – or wait, not a button, a touch of the touch-screen. If you haven’t been using Twitter then it’s time to make your way out from your cave and join the rest of us. I’ve got a great Twitter blog that can help get you up to speed.

Twitter has taken-off faster than MySpace or Facebook, and is growing exponentially. The iPhone has taken-off like no cellphone in history – outpacing Blackberry and Palm, the previous masters of the cellular domain. The iPhone 3GS sets a new standard and it’s not the fact that it can take video. The iPhone 3GS can easily edit video directly from the phone. Let me repeat this – the iPhone 3GS can easily edit video directly from the phone. This is a huge deal. If you can think of any other phone that lets you easily edit video and then share it with the world – I’d love to hear it. There are plenty of phones that take video but editing it and easily sharing it with services like YouTube and Twitter has never been possible.

So get ready folks because if you don’t have a camera, you no longer need one, all you need is a phone…in fact, you don’t even need a computer. With just the iPhone 3GS on its own you can perfect your videos and share them to thousands or tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. Sorry Palm, the Pre was cool yesterday, but today the iPhone has changed the way people will communicate online, forever.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton