Launches announced a brand-new service this week – – a service that allows Domainers to view auctions closing at Sedo, Afternic, GoDaddy, etc. When the news hit I headed-over to the site to better understand how this new services works – I was happy to see that it contains some powerful sorting capabilities that will make my life (and probably yours) a LOT easier.

What I’ve always appreciated about is its ease-of-use – they provide exactly the information you need without going overboard. Not surprisingly the same is true for, take a look at the screenshot below:


As you can see – at the top of the screen there are five tabs which allow you to sort by date, bids, price, value, and interest. I think that “interest” is a great metric as it can definitely give you an indication of how many people might be interested in buying this domain if you buy it and fix it up. If there is a lot of interest in a domain before it has a website and traffic – imagine the interest after it has a site and consistent monthly traffic/revenue.

Putting all the information together in one place, and making the navigation easy will definitely help new Domainers get a feel for how large the domain auction market is and hopefully increase the number of bids across all of these auction services.

As usual – has put-out an excellent product! Thank you Francois for continuing to innovate and enrich the Domaining community.

This is not a paid review so don’t get the idea that I’m being paid to say this – I actually really like this service and will be using it daily – check it out at!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton