Top 5 Ways To Tell If You Were Meant to Be a Domainer

Sometimes you can tell if you were meant to be a Domainer. There are little things we do that make us all quite unique and it’s clear to me that Domainers are cut from a different fabric than most.

So if you want to know if you’re a Domainer just check the list below – if you exhibit these qualities you know it was meant to be!

1) Every time you watch TV you come-up with ideas for new domain names you want to buy

2) Your browser homepage is

3) You would be more excited to bump-into Rick Schwartz in an airport than any A-list celebrity

4) Your girlfriend/wife/significant other actually has to tell you “No more talking about Domains” on a daily basis

5) You occasionally dream of buying or registering domain names

That’s my top five – comment and share your own!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton