Do you only look at .com sales?

Let’s face it, the Domaining world is .com-centric and with good reason – .com’s bring-in the big bucks. That being said it is easy to sometimes forget that domains in other TLD’s are also selling – and for real money.

I’m a big fan of TLD’s besides .com because I feel there are some great deals out there since most people are focused on .com right now. I’m not saying there aren’t great deals on .com’s – I just think there are more .net, .org and .info’s sitting out there being sold-off at a wholesale price in the current market. The same is true for a number of ccTLD’s as well.

I read DNJournal religiously as every good Domainer should. However – I pay particular attention to two sections of DNJournal – the “Global Contenders Top 20” and the “Country Code Top 20”.

For those who think ccTLD’s are a waste of time you’d probably be surprised to know that (Doctors in Polish) sold for $48,600 and sold for $22,500.

My point in this post is a simple one. Sometimes it’s good to take a broad investment approach rather than being laser-focused on one TLD. I think this industry is going to grow dramatically over the next five years and only looking at .com could cause you to miss some incredible opportunities.

It is true that .com is king…but you can still make great money with other TLD’s!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton