Three WordPress Plugins To Automate Your Social Outreach

If you write a blog or operate a website that is updated frequently, sending your most recent content out to the world via Facebook and Twitter is a must, but it can be time consuming. Most people approach social media as a multi-step process which often involves logging-into Twitter and posting and update, then logging-into Facebook and posting an update. Write a few posts a day and before you know it you’re spending valuable time just posting updates to your social media accounts.

Luckily WordPress has some pretty handy plugins that can automate your social outreach and make it easy to send your content out to the world. Of course, as with most things WordPress there are ten gazillion options making it challenging to knew which are the best. As you all probably know, I like to cut to the chase and give you the good stuff, so here it is – my three favorite WordPress plugins to automate social outreach:

Tweet Old Post – this is a very cool plugin that automatically tweets out your old posts based on an interval that you decide. I like plugins like this that you setup once and they just keep running and spreading the love, in this case for some of the great content that might not have seen the light of day for some time now!

WP To Twitter – this plugin does exactly as it sounds – send your posts to Twitter for your automatically. Forgot logging-into Twitter manually, use this plugin to do it for you.

Page Press – get your blog post onto your Facebook Fanpage automatically with less than five minutes of setup. Facebook Fanpages are quickly becoming one of the best ways to reach-out to your audience and garner interactivity.

With these three plugins up and running your blog or website can become a lean-mean Social Media machine, all on its own. What will you do with the extra time?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton