Domain Development Drops For The Week Of February 6th, 2012

Welcome to my latest list of hand-picked Domain Development Drops for the coming weeks. I really like sharing domains that I think could become real long-term assets generate passive monthly income. If you haven’t read my criteria for picking names that are good candidates for development, please read below, otherwise you can skip to the drops!

  • I like names with medium search volume, a good CPC, and in a market where there are half a dozen affiliate programs I can think of using right-away.
  • If you want to get down to the numbers themselves I typically look for keywords with no less than 1,000 exact-match global searches and less than 10,000. Why limit it to 10,000? Typically terms with this much volume are a lot more work to rank well for so I go for the low hanging fruit in most cases.
  • A good CPC to me really means anything above $0.50. I just want to see that advertisers see some kind of monetary value in people who search for this term.
  • There is no one set of qualities for the perfect domain for development. Also I don’t follow the rules above every time I buy an expired domain and you shouldn’t either. Sometimes I do buy names with a very high search volume in the hundreds of thousands and with a CPC of only $0.23. That being said, a vast majority of the expired domains that I buy for development do meet the criteria I outlined above.

Bam! Now you know what I’m generally looking for in an expired domain name. If you want to know what I do once I buy a domain for development make sure to read – Domain Development 101. If you’re so darn excited after reading that article that you want to dive right in and build your first site, make sure to read – WordPress 101. – with 5,400 exact-match global monthly searches and a CPC of $0.81 this won’t be the domain that makes you rich, but it could be a nice steady moneymaker in the $50-$100/month range. It is also a domain that could be of interest to an end-user later down the road so there is some reasonable resale potential if you can get it for a good price. – here’s one that might not show up on your radar due to its low search volume. Even though this keyword phrase only has 590 exact-match global monthly searches, the CPC of $13.39 makes it interesting. Getting on the first page of Google for this term would also be a great way to sell it to one of the many people paying to advertise for this exact term. – 33,100 monthly exact-mtach global searches and a CPC of $1.21 make this a great candidate for development. There are some great PHP scripts that can be easily installed to build a simple job board or you can plug-into something bigger like If you’re more interested in selling the name, find-out who the top recruiters are in Singapore, you never know who might be interested. As with any of the names I recommend for development, don’t expect these to be great flips, I am recommending these names for long-term development investments. – I like tax sites, of course they are seasonal so expect to make most of your money Jan – May with March and April being the top months. With 1,000 exact-match searches and a CPC of $3.78 this won’t be a big money-maker, but could be a nice consistent earner to add to your portfolio…and maybe even help pay your taxes each year! – 4,400 monthly exact-match global searches and a CPC of $2.67 make this a solid development candidate. This could start as an AdSense site and then evolve to include affiliate ads or even lead generation as traffic grows. – 720 monthly exact-match global searches is below my typical threshold, but with a CPC of $29.45, there’s money in this name. Insurance is a very hot and lucrative niche online, it’s also very very competitive. This is a name that could take years to build-up, but if you can get on page one for this term, you will make real money. Of course you’ll also have to focus on ranking for related terms so you can get at least a few thousand visitors a month.

That’s it for this week! I hope you all find these useful, it takes quite a while to sort through all the expiring names and pick-out some of the development candidates I’ve outlined here. It is so important to be very critical of every name you look at, buying the wrong domain could mean developing in a niche that you either won’t make money in, or won’t get enough traffic to make money with.

Take your time, develop the right names, and don’t expect to get rich overnight. Development and monetization takes time, it’s nothing like flipping domains so making a quick buck is probably not going to happen. Over time though, you can build-up an army of income-producing assets that have real liquidity.

You can develop domains yourself using a solution like WordPress, or use one of the top platforms for domain development like Epik and Protrada. Remember though, building the site is only the first step, it takes adding content on a regular basis and building strong backlinks to get meaningful traffic.

New To Domaining? Read my book and learn the basics so you can make sure you are really investing and not just collecting.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton