Three ways you can give back on Memorial Day

Today is such an important day, I decided, let’s take a break from domain names, and instead talk about how each and every one of us can give back and honor those who have given their lives fighting for our freedoms.

The first thing you can do is give back by making a donation to a charity that directly impacts our veterans and armed service members. Today I made a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, a wonderful charity that supports veterans that were wounded in battle. There are a number of other great charities, here’s a few to consider:

The second thing you can do is call or email someone you know who has lost someone who served and tell them how much you appreciate them and the person that they lost. Little things like this make a difference.

The third thing you can do is something like this. If you have any kind of platform where you can reach people all over the world, encourage them to give back and honor our fallen heroes today.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my readers who serve or have served, and to those of you who have lost somebody, know that they will never be forgotten. I will reserve the comment section below for anyone to write in anything about someone they lost that they would like to honor.

Today isn’t about me or you, it’s about the people who will forever live on as heroes.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton