Three Domain Investing trends I noticed at NamesCon 2020

Hello from 32,000 feet 👋✈️ I am currently on my flight back from Austin to SF, and as usual after a conference, I have a lot running through my head. While I still have some great videos to share, I thought I’d take a minute to reflect on three domain investing trends I saw front and center at NamesCon this year.

Since I’ve found the Internet on airplanes can be a bit spotty, okay – really spotty, I’m going to make this short and sweet so I can actually get this post out.

  1. Outbound, outbound, outbound – I heard more domain investors talk about doing outbound sales than ever before. On top of that, I found most people seem to be having better luck on LinkedIn than email.
  2. .CO, .IO, .AI, they’re a thing now – from investors like Nikul making a majority of their six-figure domain investing income from .CO to other investors making a killing with TLDs like .IO it’s clear opportunities beyond .COM are paying off for lots of investors.
  3. Payment plans are in – I heard more people talk about selling domains at higher prices and bridging the gap using payment plans than ever before. I also heard of other escrow services like Epik becoming a bigger player in the domain escrow space, especially when it comes to payment plans.

Okay, time to put on a movie and try to drift off to sleep as I make my way back to SF. More to come, just after I’m a bit more rested! 😴

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton