Threats from

I just looked at the WHOIS database. is registered by:

   PrivacyLLC Perfect (
   Fax: +1.4042608493
   Atlanta, GA 30303

Turns-out that is a company specializing in Private Domain

So has privately registered its domain to hide any trace
of who they are.

And…they responded to my email – this time with actual threats to deface my
business name online? I responded telling them I have a legitimate business registered in the U.S. with a
registered address and phone number that I could be contact at. Amazing that they still have not provided any
information proving that they are a real company. Harsh response below and this one I’m definitely sending-out to the

We asked you to send
correspondence between you and the person who tricked you to use our services.
You did not do that. It proves that you are a scammer who order commercial
service for free. Your email will be black listed and you’ll be reported. It’s
hard to believe that president of investment company can be tricked via email.
We may spread information about "naive" president all over the
Internet. Who will do business with such unprofessional person with small IQ?
Or probably, you are not so naive and you’ve sent us a fake story to get a
refund. We will start our own investigation on you and your practices. Your
name will be listed in Google and other serach engines  soon. Other merchants
should be aware of your "online" practices.

All yor future spam
will be reported immediately.


Shirley M. Leurquin

Customer SupportYikes! Amazing that company that just got caught scamming me is now making threats against my business!

Found this link on – just
verifying that I’m having a conversation with someone using a fake name:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton