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I discussed a few posts back about listing 20 of my domains with Snapnames. I like the idea behind this service because I can actually talk to a real person on the phone and together we can come-up with prices for my domains. With Sedo and Afternic sometimes I wish there was an expert that would look through my domains and give me advice, if my price is too high it could take me 10 attempts to sell it before I realize this. My account manager at Snapnames does this every day so has a good idea what prices we should start with. I think in the long-run this will save me a lot of time.

The first step to Snapnames is completing their sellers agreement. Essentially you create two accounts – one is your main seller account and the other is a secret account that you use for your domain transfers. You transfer your domains to their registrar so that you don’t have to deal with those details after the sale. This is a great idea as it is a hassle to complete the domain transfer and make sure everything goes smoothly after a sale.

Unfortunately it looks like 1&1 locks your domains by default. Thus, when Snapnames tried to transfer my domains they all failed! I now have to go into the 1&1 control panel, select the domain and unlock it so that it is available for transfer. A bit of a pain to do however the amount of time and frustration it will save me later-on I think is worth it.

At the moment the main limitation I see with Snapnames is that you cannot sell .mobi, .cc, or .ws TLD’s. While I do have plenty of .com’s and .net’s in my portfolios – some of my hottest names are .mobi, .cc and .ws. So I’m hoping in the future Snapnames will support this as I really can’t sell all of my domains through their service. .cc and .ws domains still have probably a few years to go until they reach their full potential so this isn’t too concerning for me but it will be nice when I can just use one service to sell my domains.

Currently I’m focusing on Snapnames and Afternic. I’ve been deviating away from Sedo more and more as their user interface is frustrating to use and simple actions oftentimes require an email to support. After learning more about Afternic I feel confident that I have a good chance of getting a better price for my domain based on their sales statistics. I think it is a quality vs. quantity issue between these two services. Sedo will get a ton of people to look at your listing, but the quality of the bids won’t compare to Afternic. I’ve always considered myself a quality guy so will be focusing on Afternic for now.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton