– The Saga Continues

Just received a response from on the email from my last post. They are still
unwilling to give any telephone number, business address or qualifications!

Our business is not
located in US. We only have fax/answering number in US. It’s located in Europe
(Ireland and Romania). Our programmers are based in India  We are not
business in US and we re not members of BBB.

We don’t understand
your concerns since we have provided you full refund.

You are not our
customer anymore and we don’t appreciate that even after full refund you are
trying to do harm to our company. We will not reveal any information since you
are not a customer and your only goal is to make us some harm.

We never heard about
such practice as revealing quaifications of people who appraised names. Can you
provide us with names and qualifications of appraisers from SEDO, Afternic, If you can provide I will advise our managers to do the same
for our customers but not for you.Many companies appraise names based on their
experince, special formulas and current markets sales.  Moreover many of them,
including major ones, are using scripts. We offer real manual service. So feel
free to report at least 90% of domain appraisers in US  without


Shirley M. Leurquin

Customer Support

I sent the following reply back:


Are you indicating
there is no way for customers to contact your business? No telephone number, no

You do realize that
your appraisals are becoming meaningless because of all the articles about your
website being a scam.

Why can you not
provide me with any information into who does your appraisals? With Sedo and
Afternic and GoDaddy, I can call a phone number and speaker to a person. All of
them also have their address on their website. Your website has no information
on how to contact you except

Who is the owner of
your company? How can you prove that you are actually getting Domain
appraisals? How do I know it wasn’t someone working with you that emailed me
and tricked me into using your service? Why would they do that if they weren’t
making money on the backend?

Please understand I am
going to pursue this until I can see some proof that you are running a
legitimate company – so far you have done nothing to prove this.

Apparently – having money
stolen from you and then returned makes everything all better…there’s
something going on here and I want to figure-out how deep this scam is.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton