Questions for DomainSecondHand

So I decided to send another email asking for to verify the validity of their company. Any company should be able to provide a phone number, address, or at least state where they are conducting business. For any service like domain appraisals the customer has a right to know the qualifications of the appraiser. So here’s the email, we can all await the response…

Shirley, Kindly
provide me your business telephone and address. I am still concerned about the
legitimacy of your company. Can you provide me information about the people who
appraise the domain names? What are their qualifications? What service do you
get these people from? Where is your business operated from, the U.S. or
overseas? This is information that you need to be able to supply to customers –
every business in the U.S. does it!
would like to make you aware that without these responses I will be reporting
your company to the BBB who can decide the best next steps.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton