This company is buying flowers (daily, for four months and counting) for the owner of the domain name they want

Well here’s a new tactic. A company in Australia called Future Super, they currently have…not surprisingly, they want (and probably would be thrilled with After having trouble getting the owner of to come to the table to put together a deal, they decided to change tactics.

So, every day for the last four months they’ve been sending the owner flowers. And yes, if you do the math it comes out to thousands of dollars in flowers.

“Hopefully us being lovely leads to him accepting our offer,” said Future Super’s Brett Morgan.

“If he’s happy to hand it over, that’d be amazing, or if he wants to sell it. We’re just trying to get him to come to the table.”(Source –

I have to say, hat’s off to Future Super (the ones sending the flowers) on taking such a positive and unique approach to getting the domain they want. Too many people try negative tactics like threatening UDRP or pretending to be a “student” who needs a domain for their project.

One really interesting facet of this approach is that it definitely shows the domain owner that the interested party has a budget. If you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars and put together a whole marketing campaign around getting the domain, you likely have a meaningful budget.

I’ll be watching this one, I think this approach just might work, and it if does, it will show you how far an act of kindness can really go.

What do you think – is four months of flowers enough to get someone’s attention?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton