Think All The Good Domains Are Taken? Think Again!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received emails and phone calls from new Domainers saying, “All the good domains are taken!” My response usually is – well, all the good .com’s are taken but when it comes to ccTLD’s it really is the very beginning of something big. My portfolio currently spans across 18 different TLD’s and I plan on getting to over 30 by the end of the year.

At TRAFFIC in Las Vegas I went to a very interesting panel about ccTLD’s where Ron Jackson shared some inspiring data. Below is what I found really shows the potential ccTLD’s have an the growth path they are on:

  • 15,800 domain sales were reported in 2008, 1,700 of those sales were ccTLD’s
  • 15,600 domain sales were reported in 2009, 3,777 of those were ccTLD’s
  • ccTLD’s went from 11% to 24% of the market in just one year!

These are encouraging numbers and if you look at the top five domain sales from the last two weeks four of them are ccTLD’s!

So I’ve decided to make some big moves within my company to put even more focus on ccTLD’s and I’m hoping this will help everyone take advantage of what I think is the opportunity of a lifetime.

First – I am launching in March. This is a domain that all of you helped me pick and will become a blog written by many Domainers each sharing their expertise on the ccTLD’s they have experience with.

Second – I have re-branded my brokerage newsletter to be completely focused on ccTLD’s. That’s right – this means I now have a newsletter that is ONLY selling ccTLD’s! To get things started with a BANG I will be sending-out the first newsletter in the next few days and it will have five .de and five domains that you won’t want to miss. You can sign-up for the newsletter by clicking on the image below:

So get ready for an incredible year. If you think you missed the boat on Domain Investing – you couldn’t be more wrong. You might just be looking in the wrong places. ccTLD’s represent an incredible investment opportunities and I am confident that five years from now you’ll be saying, “I got involved with ccTLD’s before they became what they are today!”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton