SEO Sunday #1 – Getting Started With SEO + Free SEO Cheat Sheet

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’d imagine many of my readers are enjoying a beer and getting ready for the big game! I’m not much of a sports fan but I’ll be watching with friends and cheering for…okay – I’m not sure who I’m going to cheer for, this will be the first football game I’ve watched all year. I still think my methodology is solid – if you were only going to watch one football game all year…would you not pick the Super Bowl to be that game?

I digress. Today is SEO Sunday and I’m going to start what I hope will become a great resource for learning SEO. As Domainers put more and more focus on development – SEO will become essential to increasing revenue and conversions. For the first SEO Sunday I thought it would make sense to share some of my favorite SEO resources online. There are a million places you can learn SEO online but I want to give you three simple sites that can take you from SEO newbie to a card-carrying guru!

  1. SEOBook – If you haven’t read this book, put on the brakes. This is a must-read and should be one of the first things you go through if you want to get serious about learning SEO
  2. SEOMoz – Great SEO Resources and one of the best blogs out there on SEO. This should be a daily read for all SEO geeks
  3. Search Engine Land – This is a major news and information site in the SEO world…think of this as the DNJournal of SEO

So read the SEO Book, get up to date on SEOMoz, and use Search Engine Land to become a part of the SEO ecosystem. Once you’re done with all that or if you are already an SEO guru – enjoy this free SEO Cheat Sheet from SEOMoz!

Free SEO Cheat Sheet

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton