The New Google: Ranking Well with Intent-based Search

So we’ve all heard the idea of Intent-based search and changes to Google’s search algorithm in 2009. Now,  WebProNews is reporting that FAQ pages could be used to boost your Google ranking in this new world of Intent-based search. The article has a great quote from Keith Hogan, the VP of Technology at Ask:

Keith Hogan, VP, Technology at Ask offers a piece of pretty sound advice for online businesses: “Web business should take notice of Question/Answering sites that have been built and SEO’d to fill the search engine rankings for these types of user questions (e.g. Q&A aggregators like WikiAnswers, AnswerBag, and Yahoo Answers). While this content is generally very relevant, content directly from companies could be more authoritative. Web businesses may benefit by creating FAQ content that is targeted at answering real user questions about their products.”

Source – – FAQ Pages Could Boost Your Google Rankings

This is an interesting tip and gives us a glimpse into the future of search. As Domainers we all have a lot of opportunities as each online brand we own may have the chance to outrank the “big kahunas” when it comes to a topic we might specialize in. While this is all still evolving I see a lot of incredible growth opportunity for the domain developer actively establishing brands online.

I would like to throw a question out there to my readers as well – I’m going to start doing this on a weekly basis to help encourage the sharing of ideas through this blog.


Are you doing anything to change the way to develop your sites to take advantage of Intent-based search? If so what are you doing and have you seen any improvements in rank?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton