Techstars Alumni MobileDevHQ Acquired By Tune


It is starting to feel like a Techstars company either raises their next round or gets acquired just about every week. Which means that it should come as no surprise that announced that they would be acquiring Techstar Alumni MobileDevHQ. So what is MobileDevHQ and why is Tune so excited about them?

Mobile Dev HQ

I think the best way to think of MobileDevHQ is like Google Analytics on steroids, for mobile. The product helps mobile marketers increase the number of organic downloads they get leveraging lots of awesome data that MobileDevHQ collects. Founded in 2009 the company had raised a total of $650,000 prior to the acquisitions which means that the founders most-likely have quite a bit of equity left.

MobileDevHQ went through Techstars Seattle an announced their raise in December of 2012 on Techcrunch. However like most startups, the company didn’t get it right just out of the gate. The company actually started out as AppStoreHQ, a search engine and discovery platform for mobile apps.

Luckily, the founders of MobileDevHQ realized that their original idea was good, but they were about to uncover something great and hence, MobileDevHQ was born. is the perfect company to acquire MobileDevHQ given that their focus is creating products to help make mobile marketing better.

I really like the evolution of this startup so I’d like to do a follow-up interview with the founder to dig deeper in how he went from Techstars Seattle to raising his round to selling his company. Ian – if you’re reading this, expect an email from me soon, I’d love to tell more of your story.

Congrats to the whole MobileDevHQ team, pivoting can be hard, but doing it right is harder, these guys did both with a successful exit to boot!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton