Submit your results for the world’s first domain flipping competition

Domain Flipping Competition

Well it’s official, the world’s first domain flipping competition is in the books and now it’s time for the fun part – crowning the winners. For those who are scratching their heads right now saying, “what domain flipping competition?” here’s the skinny.

Back in July I announced a domain flipping competition, in surprise partnership (yeah I announced before asking) with DomainSmoke. The competition kicked off on August 1st with pretty simple rules, it ran for three months, the price cap was $500, and the winner is the person who generated the most profit off their investment(s) during this time frame.

Time flies and now it’s time to submit the results and confirm the winners. Oh and yes, there are prizes – see below:

🥇 Gold Medal – $500 Cash Prize via Riz from + $500 Platinum Industry Expert Listing on

🥈 Silver Medal –  $50 cash prize courtesy of 55 Domains for the second place winner.

🥉 Runner up prizes include a Morgan Linton #Domainer Shirt, sponsored Domain Smoke Newsletter Listings, and actual domain names (courtesy of Domain Smoke) that will be delivered as prizes.

If you were in the competition and haven’t submitted your official results yet, don’t worry, there’s still time. We’re going to give ten days from this blog post, i.e. until next Friday 11/20/2020 to submit your results for validation. Please send your results to Dennis (Dennis(at) and me (ml(at) and thanks for participating, looking forward to announcing the winners! 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton