Startup Rebranding – From to

Yesterday social reminiscing app, announced a $3M raise led by Spark Capital.  TimeHop is easy to remember and brandable and really speaks to what this startup does. So what do they do?

Timehop App

TimeHop started by sending you awesome daily emails showing what you were doing a year ago on social media channels like Facebook and Foursquare. Yes, it is like hopping around in time and, well, doing some good old fashioned reminiscing.

However the company wasn’t always called TimeHop, instead they started out as the not-so-catchy Try telling people that company name at a cocktail party or pitch event, not an easy one to remember. Also with numbers and letters mixed together it can be a challenge to type correctly your first time around if you were one of the lucky one’s who remember it.

Now, fast forward to today and the company is now called TimeHop, they are moving away from email and focusing on a mobile-first approach and with $3M of new funding hitting their bank account they’ll be scaling the team and taking the platform to the next level.

A great branding move and a solid two-word .COM domain. Congrats to the whole TimeHop team, awesome idea and yes, I am taking a walk down memory lane as we speak.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton