Spotify launches new analytics product on

Earlier this month Spotify made a pretty interesting new product announcement on Product Hunt, a new product to both view and share analytics on your listening habits. Rather than launching this on something like or as an internal product directly off their main site, they decided to launch the new offering on


I think this is an interesting move for two reasons:

  1. It represents a new shift that I think we’re seeing from a number of innovative brands where they are sharing more and more data and analytics, usually leveraged by internal BI teams, directly with their customers
  2. It shows how brands are embracing domain name extensions like .ME for new products, in this case with a focus on something truly personal/personalized to the user which is why .ME is such a great fit for this specific product

So what kind of data does Spotify share with you about your listening habits? The Verge says it’s like a Spotify subscriber yearbook, except insane:

The report measures three different characteristics of music listening: Discovery, or how much people are looking for new music; Diversity, or the range of music people listen to; and Tilt, or how much people “curate” their music. Based on where they stand in these categories, users are then further broken down into specific types of listeners, like “Easy-Goers,” who stream music in the background, and “Eclectics” who don’t seem to have any specific taste in music. Each type of listener is paired with a seemingly random action they are “more likely” to do than the rest of the listeners. It’s like a Spotify subscriber yearbook, except insane. (Source – The Verge)

I can see more brands following suit here since companies like Netflix, Nest, and Tesla collect all kinds of really cool data about how people are using their product/service that would probably be pretty darn interesting to their users. It also feel like .ME is probably one of the best extensions out there for a product-specific URL which is something that I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of in general.

Congrats to Spotify on the new product, they’re continuing to define themselves as innovators and I think this move is likely going to inspire other innovative brands to do something similar…or at least I hope it does!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton