Small Business Saturday – Take Your Phone System To The Next Level

Hello from Toronto! It’s 11PM and I’m in Toronto, watching hockey (of course) and putting-together this post. It’s been a very busy day so I’m going to keep this short and sweet – that being said this could REALLY help a lot of business-owners out there!

Have you ever wanted to have a sophisticated phone system with your own 800-number and extensions for different groups within your organization?

Last week I found-out about a very cool solution –

Grasshopper is a great service for small businesses that want to have the sophisticated phone systems larger businesses have but don’t want to pay a fortune or deal with complicated equipment.

Here’s what you get with Grasshopper:

– Local or Toll Free Number

– Call forwarding

– As many extensions as you’d like (that’s right – there’s no limit!)

– Voicemail via email (HUGE plus for us road warriors)

– Manage your account via the phone or online

Plans start at only $9.95/month however it looks like the best option to get started is the “Ramp” plan which is $24/month. One of my favorite things about this service is that there is no long-term contract like with Vonage which is by far my least-favorite phone service out there.

Vonage locks you into a two year contract without telling you and makes it almost impossible to cancel the account. So if you’re thinking of Vonage I’d avoid it like the plague. I get unlimited phone service through my cable provider for the same price as Vonage and I can cancel anytime!

Sorry for the rant but I really can’t stand Vonage!

So if you’d like to take your phone service to the next-level there is a good chance that is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton