BrokersCrowd offers new platform for domain brokers to connect with each other

Brokers Crowd

I recently found out about a new platform launched by Frank Aiello called BrokersCrowd to help domain brokers connect with each other with the goal of creating more liquidity. While I know brokers will often connect with each other at conferences or ping each other on places like Twitter or Forums like NamePros I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a dedicated platform just for domain brokers to connect with each other.

I asked Frank to share a bit more about the platform as I thought it would be something my readers would be interested in and here’s the scoop:

Frank Aiello

We recently launched a platform strictly for domain brokers to interact with one another in one centralized community. The intent is to create more liquidity within the domain aftermarket by leveraging other brokers. We believe the domain co-brokerage community has been stagnant and we’re looking to change that. The goal of this community is to connect more brokers with one another, which we believe will lead to more domain liquidity.
Within the community, you can:

  1. Post buyer orders: You can list out all the details of your domain buyer’s “perfect” domain and co-brokers within the community can send you inventory directly.
  2. Post seller orders: brokers can list domains they are selling, which another co-broker within the network might have the perfect buyer for.
  3. General discussion: This is an open forum to allow brokers to discuss trends, learn from one another and hopefully improve the overall co-brokerage community.

It looks like there’s already quite a bit of activity on BrokersCrowd as well as some pretty stellar portfolios which could be helpful for brokers looking to get good names in front of buyers. The site is completely free and neither Frank or BrokersCrowd is a sponsor of my blog, I just thought it was a cool idea and wanted to share it with the rest of you. Congrats to Frank and team, looking forward to watching this continue to grow 🙌

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton