Three Easy Steps To Pick Which Domains To Develop

As you all know – I’ve been developing my domains since I started back in 2007. Over the years I’ve had an evolving hueristic that I use to determine which domains are the best fit for development.

Now I’m not saying this is the ONLY way to pick which domains you should develop so of course you can adapt my procedure to meet your needs.

Essentially – when I’m developing a domain I’m looking for two key things – strong monetization potential and good search traffic. This means that the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is at the core of my decision process.

Do you have the Google Adwords Keyword Tool open? If not – open it now and let’s start with one of your own domains – just follow the procedure below to determine if its a good fit for development.

1. Are there more than 1,000 exact-match Google searches for the keywords in your domain?

If your domain doesn’t pass this test don’t bother moving forward. I’ve learned time and time again that in order to make money – you need traffic and with less than 1,000 exact-match searches a month it will be hard to get enough organic traffic to make very meaningful revenue. Of course their are some exceptions to this rule but for the sake of simplicity I’ll leave the exceptions out of this post.

2. Is the CPC higher than $5?

This is another plain-and-simple binary operation – either the CPC is or isn’t higher than $5. I have found that domains with a CPC greater than $5 tend to have more high-paying related affiliate products and lead gen options – below $5 CPC means it can sometimes be challenging to find ways to monetize outside of PPC – and you need affiliate products/lead gen to really make good money.

3. Can you find at least five affiliate products that make you over $15 per sale that are DIRECTLY related to your keywords?

This is the last and final step – if you’ve passed the first two tests you’re not scott-free. If you can’t find good affiliate products or lead generation options then all that traffic isn’t going to bring you much money. Make sure you feel confident in picking a good range of products that pay you a nice chunk of change for each unit sold.

That’s it – viola! My magic formula for development success. I hope this helps some of my readers sort through theirdomains and determine which ones to develop this year.

If you’ve been waiting to develop your domains but don’t know where to start remember I offer development services – you can learn all about them through the Linton Investments site.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton