Should I create a separate blog focused on Domaining?


As those of you have been reading my blog for a long time know, my life has changed a lot since I started blogging back in 2007. Five years ago I co-founded a startup, Bold Metrics, and that meant spending a lot less time on Domaining. I think before starting our company Domaining was a real hobby for me, something that I spent a few hours a day on, but once you start a company, that really does take just about every waking minute.

Now, all that being said, domain names have changed my life and I still actively invest in domain names and plan to continue to as long as domain names exist…which hopefully is at least another 50 years right? I still put more of my investment dollars into domain names than anything else and don’t plan to change that anytime soon. Last year I started to get interested in crypto, and yes like everyone else, I got the bug. I have put some money in crypto and have been really enjoying learning more about the space, it reminds me a bit of when I first got into Domaining and was just having a blast reading and learning.

Which brings me to my personal blog – Prior to December, my blog readership was pretty split between domain people and startup people. Then I wrote a few blog posts about crypto in December they ended-up being some of the most-read posts I’ve had all year and brought on some new readers specifically interested in crypto.

Now I’m in a weird place. I have startup founders and crypto people complaining that I write too much about domains…and I have domain people telling me that they don’t want to read about crypto and startups on my blog. At the same time it seems like both sides are reading but it’s feeling too fragmented.

Let’s be honest, this is my personal blog, that’s why it’s called so for me, it makes sense to write about the things that I’m personally interested in which is – startups, domains, and crypto right now. Six months from now I could get really into rare gems and start writing about that – who knows? I can’t imagine just writing about startups or just writing about domains on my blog since that wouldn’t really be reflective of what’s going through my mind and would instead just provide a myopic view into one thing that I’m interested in.

So I’m thinking about starting a second blog, focused entirely on Domaining. I have a really solid core group of readers that have been with me for 5 – 10 years that definitely like reading about Domaining. I don’t want to let them down by having only one in three posts be relevant to them. There’s a lot going on in the Domaining world, definitely more than enough for me to write a daily post just about Domaining, but then I could still write about startups and crypto and other things that me, Morgan, feels is interesting and wants to write about on

What do you think? Are you getting sick of me writing about startups and VC, and then about domains, and then about Crypto? Would you rather just have one place for me to write about Domaining? Or do you like these three topics like I do and enjoy reading about them all? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton