Today was a rough day for altcoins, here are the ten that got hit the hardest

Altcoin dip January 2015

Almost every crypto is down today, and as usual we can all do our best to guess why but let’s be honest – you can do all the technical analysis you want and you’re still just throwing darts.  A number of altcoins saw their price drop massively over the last 24-hours with SmartCash holding the loss leader down almost 40%. Below is a list of the top ten cryptos that go hit the hardest today:

  1. SmartCash (-39.19%)
  2. Dentacoin (-36.49%)
  3. Dent (-28.05%)
  4. MediBloc (-27.49%)
  5. Bytom (-26.95%)
  6. ReddCoin (-24.76%)
  7. Loopring (-22.98%)
  8. Dodgecoin (-22.83%)
  9. Kin (-22.23%)
  10. Verge (-21.87%)

I’ll be honest, I’ve only heard of three cryptos on this list. While it can be easy to see a bunch of red and hear that some cryptos are down in the 25%+ range and start yelling – crash! But if you take a look at most of the cryptos we all know like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin it really doesn’t look like the sky is falling. Here’s a look at how the top ten cryptos faired today:

  1. Bitcoin (-4.21%)
  2. Ethereum (-8.2%)
  3. Ripple (-14.41%)
  4. Bitcoin Cash (-10.41%)
  5. Cardano (-10.55%)
  6. Litecoin (-6.42%)
  7. NEM (-7.45%)
  8. NEO (+8.105)
  9. Stellar (-13.07%)
  10. IOTA (-10.05%)

Also let’s remember that most of the cryptos listed above are up 1,000% or more in 2017, heck some are over 10,000% so going down 10% in a day shouldn’t be that scary, in fact it probably should happen. This is one of those times where veteran crypto investors will be chanting HODL and new investors will get scared and panic sell. Everyone will look for an answer and come up with some creative explanation, and whoever gets it right most-likely did it by accident.

Welcome to the wild west of crypto. As many of you know I have been speculating in the crypto space but I’m not a day, week or month trader. I’m in this for years to come so I say, bring the bumps along the way! What do you think – is this the beginning of a huge crypto crash or is this one of those famous dips where everyone kicks themselves for not buying in?

I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton