Serial entrepreneur Ammar Kubba launches new blog at

I can still remember the day like it was yesterday, Ammar and I were having dinner in Hollywood and he told me he was going to start a blog on That day was ten years ago…but like they say, “better late than never!”

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While I like teasing Ammar for taking so darn long to get his blog in action, it comes from a good place. The reality is, Ammar has been a great friend and someone I’ve looked up to in many ways. For those of you who don’t know Ammar’s story I’ll give you a quick 10,000 foot view and Ammar can correct me if I get something wrong!

Ammar went to law school in LA but quickly got the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded TrafficZ, one of the first domain parking companies. I can still remember my first time at the TrafficZ offices in LA. In all honesty I was expecting a rented room with a few tables in it and a handful of people. What I found was a big office with 30+ people in it and a great vibe, I was impressed!

Morgan Linton, Ammar Kubba, Frank Schilling
(Me, Ammar, and Frank burning the midnight oil in Vegas 🕺)

TrafficZ was owned by Thought Convergence, another company owned by Ammar which also operated and On top of all of that Ammar was, and still is, an investor and Principal at DomainTools, which just got a major investment from Battery Ventures. Today, Ammar is an active angel investor and one of our favorite investors at Bold Metrics.

As I got to know Ammar more over the years I learned that he’s someone that really cares about building a great team and doing everything he can to help everyone he works with succeed. Ammar also has this positive, electric energy that I think everyone who meets him picks up on pretty quickly.

When I lived in LA Ammar and I would have dinner together regularly, and well, these dinners usually ended up spanning 3-4 hours. Ammar was always so excited about different ideas he had and I always felt so inspired after our conversations. And of course, every time we talk I always bug Ammar about the blog because at the end of the day I know he has so much knowledge to share and the ability to truly inspire people.

While there’s no shortage of blogs written by entrepreneurs in 2021, I think Ammar’s blog is going to be something special because of who Ammar is. Ammar isn’t just a successful serial entrepreneur, he’s someone who really takes the time to understand and appreciate people, and this perspective is something that I think will be both refreshing and inspiring.

I feel like I could probably write a post that’s easily 2x – 3x longer than this about Ammar but I’ll stop here before I get too carried away! I am really looking forward to watching come to life and can’t wait to add it to my regular reading list this year 🎉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton