Sedo vs. Afternic – What Performs Better For You?

This post brings me back, way back, since I actually wrote my first post comparing Sedo and Afternic back in 2007, almost ten years ago. Since then I’ve continued to use both services and while I honestly don’t see a ton of sales through either, I do get a sale here and there.

Last week I sold for $5,000 on Sedo (was listed as “make offer”), it was a pretty quick process but I’ll be honest in saying that I’m pretty surprised at how old and clunky the Sedo interface is. While Sedo did give their main site a facelift, the backend still looks like it’s trapped in the 90’s.

The last domain name I sold through Afternic was back in January of this year for $2,000.

Update: There was/still is a bug in Afternic that doesn’t show all the domains I sold, I actually sold two other domains this year through them, and

No I don’t just sell one-word .IO domains (I sold a one-word .COM through an inbound offer via Uniregistry last month) but for some reason these are the ones that have sold through Sedo and Afternic this year. With a sample size of two (four) I can’t say I have enough recent experience with either of these platforms to really share which one performs better. For me, most of my sales come from inbound offers either through Uniregistry or Efty and their respective landing pages.

I have a solid track-record with Uniregistry/Domain Name Sales and that has been the #1 referrer for domain sales for me. Efty is a new one for me and I just started using it a few months ago so I can’t comment on how well their landing pages perform yet.

Which is why I’m now turning to you. For those of you who have done more than one or two sales this year with Sedo and Afternic I’d be interested to know which one performs better for you and feedback that you have on either.

Now it’s your turn, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton