The best “What is Ethereum” site I’ve seen yet, on one wacky domain name


So it’s no secret that there’s a bit of an Ethereum craze going on right now. With Bitcoin at over $2,400 the world has what can only be compared to the gold rush in the mid 1800’s except instead of gold fever, it’s blockchain fever. People around the world are now kicking themselves for not buying Bitcoin years ago, and now everyone’s trying to figure out what the next Bitcoin is going to be…and Ethereum or Ether (which is the actually currency) is getting a lot of attention.

Here’s the problem.

Most people don’t really understand what Ethereum is, which actually makes sense since it’s relatively complicated (no seriously, anything blockchain-related can be tough to truly wrap your head around). Of course, when the world is confused about something, the Internet is where they go for answers. There are a zillion websites and You Tube videos out there to help people demystify Ethereum, like this one where a guy tries to explain it in 100 seconds and likely confuses 80% of people who watch it.

Today I noticed a new site trending on Y Combinator’s Hacker News and they used a domain that I think is also getting it more attention than some of the other “What is Ethereum” sites –


So if you’ve been hearing about Ethereum but don’t really understand what it is, no more excuses.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton