2 out of 4 exact-match 4th of July .COMs are developed

I’m always curious to see what happens to exact-match .COM domain names targeting holidays so I thought I’d do a quick search to see what was happening on the following domains:

  • 4thOfJuly.com
  • July4th.com
  • FourthOfJuly.com
  • JulyFourth.com

Out of these four domains two are developed into sites, one selling 4th of July related merchandise, and the other focused on helping people find 4th of July events and tickets.


Looking at the registration data I was surprised to see that it looks like JulyFourth.com was originally registered back in April of 2004. I would have thought someone would have scooped this up in the 90’s but it goes to show how many solid domains were still available in the early 2000’s when guys like Frank Schilling were buying up a storm.


4thOfJuly.com on the other hand was originally registered back in 1996 and is apparently listed for sale for $99,999. July4th.com is parked FourthOfJuly.com doesn’t resolve, still two out of four isn’t bad.

It does look like “July4th” is the hottest term with both the .NET and .ORG also developed. That being said I was surprised to see that 4thofJuly.net is actually owned by Volvo and forwards to this page…


I can’t imagine much traffic goes to 4thOfJuly.net but it is interesting to see a huge brand like Volvo use this domain and my guess is that it showed up in some kind of marketing campaign which would make the most sense.

Feel free to share any interesting 4th of July related domains that you find and of course – happy 4th, be safe and enjoy the fireworks wherever you might be!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton