Sedo vs. Afternic Category Listing Showdown

On February 19th I listed two domains as category listed with Sedo and two with Afternic. I did this to better understand how much traffic (and bids) a category listing upgrade would create. Here are the results so far:

Category Listed .com -> 122 views, 0 bids
Category Listed .mobi -> 129 views, 0 bids

Category Listed .com -> 51 views, 0 bids
Category Listed .mobi -> 46 views, 0 bids

With Sedo I decided to list and with Afternic The .mobi is the same for both – Originally I was going to use the same .com however at the last minute decided to give Afternic a bit of a handycap so gave them a more valuable name for the test.

From the results above it is quite clear that using a Sedo category upgrade will get you more visits to your listing. It is *very* important to notice though that none of the vists to listings on either Sedo or Afternic enticed anyone to bid on the name.

All of the names listed are set to "Make Offer" to encourage bids of any price.

For those reading my blog who are new to domaining, the lesson here should be clear. Selling a domain name isn’t as easy as putting it up on a domain listing service and watching the money roll in. Even upgrading listings does not give any guarantee that the given name will sell.

My biggest advice to beginners is to be proactive and use a number of different mediums
for selling their domain names. While I have many names in my portfolio listed on Sedo, Afternic, and Snapnames, I still sell through 10+ channels on top of this!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton