.in – The Sleeper TLD of 2008

.in has been around for a bit now and I’m still finding some great .in and .co.in names. It has become difficult to know where to place your bets with so many TLD’s on the market right now. I hear a lot of buzz on the forums about .us and .info, and .Asia is all over the place with it’s Landrush getting ready to end.

So what’s so special about .in? Well, first-off India is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world with a growing middle-class. With a population of 1.12 billion there is a very large available market.

Critics of .in make a good point, broadband penetration is very low in India so it’s not really 1.12 billion people actively using the Internet everyday.

What I can say is that people in India are already using .in and .co.in when searching online. I own the domain name CricketGames.co.in which steadily receives about 10 hits a day, all type-in traffic. If it’s getting that kind of type-in traffic now, I can’t imagine how this will grow over the course of the year.

As more and more people in India start using .in (just like we expect people here to use .us) the domain values should see a quick jump as the true value becomes apparent. This happened with .mobi almost overnight! I’m not saying you’re going to be a millionaire by scooping-up every .in you can find, but I do think that we should all keep a very close eye on .in because it could just be the sleeper TLD of 2008.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton