Domain Graduate – An Essential Book for your Library

I had the chance to read Sean Stafford’s new book, Domain Graduate recently and was very impressed. There are a very limited number of resources in the domaining community and this is one of the most complete resources I’ve ever found.

Just so you know, this is not a shameless plug for the book – on this blog I have always put my own views and opinions above keeping people happy. I rustled some feathers early on with my posts about Sedo and Afternic and will continue to share my thoughts and opinions freely with my readers.

That being said, this is an absolute must-have book. For those new to domaining this book will save you months, if not years of time learning how to do things the right way. It’s true that if you spend ten-hours a day for six-months straight reading DNForum you’ll probably be in pretty good shape – but why spend that time?

Sean is a leader in the domaining industry and one of the key people working on where I actively manage our domain portfolio. For more experienced domainers I think you’d be surprised by how many ideas the book will stir. I had a few great inspirations while reading the book that are already saving me money.

There are few domaining eBooks out there I’d recommend along with my own. This is a book that I can honestly say is worth every cent of the price. So whether you’re a new domainer looking to learn the tricks of the trade, or an old hat looking for some new inspiration Domain Graduate will have something for you.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton