Sedo, Afternic and Snapnames

Well – the results are very very clear now as to which site is best to do a listing upgrade with, and the winner is – Sedo! was listed as a featured listing on both of these sites, here are the results:

Sedo: 638 people viewed my listing
Afternic: 127 people viewed my listing

Hopefully this will help save people some time when deciding which service to go with. Please understand that I am not saying that Afternic is a bad service to list your domain. In fact, time and time again I’ve mentioned how I like their interface and site design much more than Sedo’s. However – the more people that look at your name, the more bids you will get, and the higher price your domain will sell for. So when looking at upgrading your listing it makes sense to go with Sedo as more people will see your name.

Onto my first .mobi flip. With 638 people viewing the listing – not a single person has bid on the domain! Initially I had set a fixed price however changed this to "Make Offer" about a week ago, but still no offer. My current thoughts are that .mobi’s must be in low-demand right now as you would think someone would put in an offer. Since I am new to .mobi I’ll continue to shop this domain around and post my results. Hopefully this will help other .mobi investors find the best place to sell their domains.

On a different point – I have decided to list 20 of my domains with Snapnames to give them a shot and provide my readers with some information about this service. Snapnames is great because you have a personal account manager (an actual human) who helps you set a price for your names, advertises the names, and ensures that the sale goes smoothly.

I have a great account manager who seems very motivated and excited about selling some of my names. I will keep posting about this on my blog so that other domain investors can learn about this service.

Also – I wanted to thank Ann for their warning about I am working to get my money back from them now. This is a scam and if you look online you’ll see they’ve scammed a number of people. I only lost $100 – but am working now to get my money back. I’ll keep you posted on this as well. The Internet is a big place and I’ve found that sometimes you just have to learn the hard way! Thanks again Ann for letting me know about this and a warning to all of my readers to not be fooled by this service.

Until next time! Happy flipping!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton