More on Sedo vs. Afternic

Well – the results are in and it looks like Sedo does a *much* better job of driving traffic to a featured domain listing. This is a bit unfortunate as I find Sedo’s user interface to be much less usable than Afternic. So, here’s my data:

I listed as a featured listing (shows-up on homepage) on both Sedo and Afternic. Sedo charges $39/month for a featured listing, Afternic charges $50/month for their featured listing. My Sedo listing has currently received 328 views whereas my Afternic listing has only received 87 views.

So, it seems clear to me that Afternic is offering much a much lower value for Featured listings. Not only are the listing fees $11 more a month but the traffic is roughly 3.5 times the traffic! I will report back the final numbers once the month is over however right now it seems next to impossible that Afternic could make a come-back.

Conclusion: When listing a domain for sale, to gain maximum exposure use Sedo, with a lower price and over 3 times the traffic Sedo is the obvious choice.

If any of you have thoughts on this I’d love to hear it. Not trying to slam Afternic here – as I’ve said time and time again I like their interface a lot more, but in the end, it is the number of people that look at my listing that will generate a final sale.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton