Saturday Musings and Why There’s No Place Like Home

Most people who know me well know that I don’t take many breaks – there’s a lot I want to do and only so many hours in the day! While I have to work at least one out of the two weekend  I’m  getting better (not there yet) at taking at least one day off.

So today is my day off! You might be wondering then why I’m writing a blog post…I really don’t consider this work – should I? In fact I don’t consider any of the things I’m doing in the Domaining world to be work – it’s a passion for me.

Dublin, Ireland View(View of Dublin from the top of the Guinness Factory – Photo by Morgan Linton)

Still, taking a day off does mean taking a break from the computer. Remember, since my day job involves traveling all over the world a day at home is a lot like a day off for me! Most people focus on traveling on the weekend, getting away from it all, that’s my regular week – getting away from it all is being at home!

So what’s a day off like for me? This morning I got all of my computer-related things done before 11AM. I caught-up on the latest Domaining news on, read Engadget and Gizmodo (I’m a tech geek) and of course (I’m a world news guy, the US is boring!).

Next I put-together a weekend edition of my ccTLD newsletter. It’s my first time running the newsletter on the weekend and I’m curious to see the results. I’m all about trying new things and when it comes to selling Domains I’m a complete newbie so I’m learning every day. Of course one of the best ways to learn is from people that are actually doing what you want to achieve – I’ve picked the brains of a number of successful Domainers that actively sell their names and this is helping to drive my current sales strategy.

You can see the domains I’m selling this weekend on ccTLD Investors magazine.

After putting together the newsletter, blog post, etc. I went over to to review comments from last night and put-together today’s post. Now I’m writing this post, right now, that’s right we’re real time! I’m unshaven, my hair is disheveled, and I’m wearing pajamas. Time to hop in the shower – throw on some swim trunks and head to the beach!

That’s a day off for me folks, if you love what you’re doing it will become a part of your every day life! Of course never forget to give yourself some well-deserved R&R, for me nothing beats a day on the beach with Daina, a good book, and a game of Scrabble. After traveling all over the world for six years there’s still no place like home.

Santa Monica Beach, California(Santa Monica Beach – Photo by Morgan Linton)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton