Rick Schwartz hints at $1.8M domain sale in the works to kick of 2021

Rick Schwartz isn’t wasting any time to make 2021 a banner year for him –  this morning he announced that he has a $1.8M deal in the works structured in a similar way to his famous Candy.com deal.

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Rick is his vision, Rick doesn’t just look at making a quick buck, he likes to see his domain names go to people that are going to do something big, and I mean big with it, and then he shares in the success.

Rick has always been open to creative deal structures that allow the new owner some flexibility so that the deal gets done and in many cases, Rick gets to share in the success if things go well.

In many ways I look at Rick as a combination between a domain name investor and a Venture Capitalist. As a domain investor Rick is of course trying to maximize the profit he makes selling domains, but as a VC, Rick looks for great founders with a big vision and the ability to execute. I think it’s safe to say this combo has been a winner and it looks like he’s gearing up for one heck of a 2021. Rick has said this time and time again on his blog, here’s one good example from a post he did about the Candy.com deal:

Back then I invested in 2 guys that won me over and I believed in. Before they were married, (not to each other) before they had kids and before they had a successful and growing entity. I like investing in PEOPLE!(Source – Rick’s Blog)

And now it looks like Rick has big plans for 2021 which he also shared in a tweet this morning:

Like the tweet says, Rick retired and then the next year did $12.5M in domain sales, this year he plans to break his own record and I can’t wait to watch him do it.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton