sold for $4,000 – did the buyer get a good deal?

This morning I saw a tweet about the sale of for $4,000 – my initial instinct was, that feels like a pretty solid deal, for an end-user.

The tweet mentions that it looks like the new owner is building out the site and I popped over to to take a look and saw a login screen for Skote, which is an admin Dashboard template.

I agree with Adam, this would make me think they are building it out, which means it’s likely an end-user that bought it and hence, as I said above, my take would be that they got a good deal.

There’s not a ton of sales data for two-word .NET domains with the word remote in it but here are handful I pulled from NameBio:

  • – $1,000
  • – $913
  • – $2,999

I personally don’t think any of these are as strong as especially given how hot the remote job space is right now. Also if you put yourself in the mind of a consumer, I think it’s safe to say more people are searching for “remote jobs” than for remote access, remote jobs, or universal remotes.

Of course, I couldn’t help but take a look at search volume for “remote jobs” and I was actually surprised to see that while it is up over the last year, it’s not the hockey stick growth I was expecting to see.

Still, my final verdict is that this is a solid price for an end-user, if it was a domain investor I would say they overpaid as there wouldn’t be much ROI potential. What do you think?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton