Reason #9,999 why I love Namecheap – they’re out there right now fighting for our rights as domain owners

Okay, this post is going to read like a Namecheap lovefest, and for good reason – the popular domain registrar has decided to take a major stand against the recent .ORG and .INFO price increases. It’s pretty incredible to hear that a registrar is fighting against something that could actually make them more money…but that’s what makes Namecheap so unique.

I first read the news on and today provided some really good in-depth coverage of everything Namecheap is doing to fight the price increase.

The filing that Namecheap made is public, so if you want to read all the nitty gritty details, you can check out the full PDF here. Here’s a look at the first page:

The point Namecheap is making feels pretty darn logical, in essence they’re saying this decision goes against ICANN’s Core Values and will in the end stifle innovation.

I think we all know why ICANN removed the price caps…to make more money, period. So far ICANN has provided no sound reasoning as to how this will be a benefit to anyone, it’s really just a license to print more money at the expense of .ORG and .INFO owners.

I applaud Namecheap for taking a stand here, for me personally I know I’ll never buy a .ORG or .INFO domain again. In a sea of new domain name extensions I think price increases on .ORG and .INFO will only deter people from registering and renewing these domains.

Can anyone think of a single logical reason ICANN could come up with for explaining why these price increases align with their Core Values? I sure can’t!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton