QuickCoin.co Launches Service To Send + Receive Bitcoin via Facebook

Well it’s pretty clear that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere, and as the crypto-currency grows in popularity as do the products and services around it. Enter QuickCoin.co, a new startup that is running with the idea of a Social Wallet, and given how many people are on Facebook they have a pretty nice market to test with.


One of the big problems people have with Bitcoinis trust and I see solutions like these having a good runway ahead as they leverage platforms that consumers already trust. Of course, look no further than Zynga to see some of the complexities of having your company based on Facebook.

According to CoinDesk this is only the beginning for QuickCoin.co who plans on expanding beyond Facebook in the future:

Initially, the company is integrating its product with Facebook in the hope that bitcoin will go viral on the social network, but it also has plans for further partnerships in the future. (Source – CoinDesk)

I love innovation, love out-of-the-box thinking, so really look forward to see how QuickCoin evolves and of course, what’s next!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton