Is Bitcoin about to take off like a rocket ship? And if it does, will the Bitcoin dream die?

It has been hard to not pay attention to Bitcoin lately, its made some major price moves and looked poised to move into the $40k+ range not too long ago. Then, for a moment, it seemed like the bottom fell out as BTC dropped to $30k just four days ago. Today, Bitcoin is back above $38k and I’m hearing more and more people buzzing about the fact that it’s going to the moon 🌝

At the same time, I’m also reading more and more articles about how the Bitcoin Dream is dead and it’s never going to be a real currency. The general thought here is:

The more people hoard Bitcoin, treating it as a speculative asset, the less appealing it seems as a currency.(Source – Medium)

At the same time you have people that think this is only the beginning of a major run…

Bitcoin going up

Additionally, it’s safe to say teenagers and people in their 20’s are a lot more likely to invest in Bitcoin as an asset than gold which should mean the pool of buyers for Bitcoin is only going to continue to grow.

Bitcoin replacing Gold

When it comes to investing I’ve been focused on domain names but I do have some crypto, including BTC, so it has been fun to be along for the ride. At the same time, I’ve always seen my crypto investments as lottery tickets, not investments, but gambling. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little differently.

What do you think?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton