It’s Official – Everyone Wants To Be In The .CLUB


Today is a big day for .CLUB, they just passed .GURU and now hold the title as #1 new gTLD in the world. As I’ve said many times before, I think most of the new gTLDs will have an uphill battle, but a handful I think will hold premium value and resonate with end-users for a long time to come. I said .CLUB would be one of those and without a doubt now, it is.

“We’ve seen an incredible response from companies, individuals, organizations, and now celebrities from all over the world, and it’s proving that how we market and navigate the web is changing forever as people understand the value of adding context and meaning beyond `.com’ to web addresses,” (Colin Campbell, CEO of .CLUB Domains)

Last week .CLUB threw a launch party with 50 Cent in New York City that really got people excited. It’s clear that .CLUB did their research when it came to marketing this TLD and now the general public not only knows about .CLUB, they want it, now!

Congrats to the whole team over at .CLUB, something tells me there’s going to be some celebrating over there today!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton