Popular YouTuber visits Tuvalu, the home of .TV, and the least visited country in the world…

Most people don’t know that .TV doesn’t really stand for TV, it actually is something called a ccTLD which stands for Country Code Top Level Domain.  If you ever go to Italy you might see .IT everywhere, in Spain it will be hard to miss .ES…and well Tuvalu is a tiny island with literally no tourism, so you won’t see .TV everywhere there.

Some ccTLDs have decided to brand themselves as a generic domain name extension and .TV is a great example of where expanding beyond the country means getting a lot more registrations than they otherwise would.

One of my favorite You Tube Channels is Yes Theory, if you’ve never seen any of their videos – they’re hilarious. They recently set out to visit the least visited country in the world which they determined was, you guessed it – Tuvalu.

If you’ve ever wondered – what the heck is Tuvalu like? This should answer that question, and like most things Yes Theory does, it’s a lot of fun to watch either way. Enjoy!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton