Photos Of Pheed’s Corporate Headquarters

Pheed, the new Twitter clone that appeared out of nowhere but is gaining buzz and confusion quickly seems to be running out of some buys house in Beverly Hills. I took the liberty of using good old Google Satellite maps to show the location that Pheed lists as it’s corporate headquarters:


Google street view can’t make it up to the house but you can see the entry gates to get-into the home:


Celebrities have taken to Pheed quite quickly with over 180 celebs using the platform so far, and it looks like their headquarters is right in prime celebrity stomping ground with the much-desired zip code 90210.

About 180 celebrities — including rapper The Game, singer Miley Cyrus, and reality TV star Paris Hilton — are signed up on Pheed and they can offer audio, video, photos or text posts for free or at a fee to their subscribers. It’s gained about a million users in the last 10 days, Kobo said. (CNET)

With a million users in the last ten days something tells me Pheed will be moving out of its Beverly Hills digs and into an office building, but for now, one of the hottest new social media startups will enjoy living large in Beverly Hills.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton