Sending My Thoughts And Prayers To Everyone Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

Today I have been following the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy and with so many friends on the East Coast I have been busy calling and emailing everyone to make sure they are okay. I know that I also have many readers who have also been impacted by the storm and I wanted to let all of you know as well that my thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Photos like the one above should be a reminder to all of us about how devastating nature can be and even when the storm ends the clean-up could take a very long time.

I have been following the storm both through live news on CNN and The Weather Channel as well as the #Sandy Twitter hashtag which has been incredibly active and full of photos coming in from Twitter users across the East Coast.

Of course there have been plenty of fake photos like the one below which have tricked many people. Mashable has a roundup of 7 Fake Hurricane Photos that have made their rounds across social media.


I would also like to offer my assistance to any of my readers who have been impacted by the storm. While I may be thousands of miles away I’d like to help any way I can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at morgan(at) anytime.

Stay safe and for anyone who can definitely donate to Red Cross, I donated today and every dollar (or more!) counts!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton