People are registering domains with the word “Zoom” in it like it’s going out of style

Well it’s no secret that Zoom has been one of the most popular solutions for people around the world who suddenly find themselves spending all day, every day, at home. Now it looks like people are busy registering domain with the word Zoom in it at a major clip.

While Zoom is a generic word which means it’s fair game in many cases, there are a number of people who are registering these domains for less than above-the-board purposes. Here’s the skinny:

The malicious domains can be used for any number of attacks. Two specific variety’s sees so far by Check Point are fake Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams URLs and some of those using zoom were being used to spread the InstallCore PUA.

Dembinskey also believes many of the names are simply being registered by opportunistic people who intend to later sell them to the highest bidder. Although at this time it cannot be said for certain whether these would then be used for nefarious purposes.(Source – SCMedia)

Recently over 1,700 domain names have been registered with the word “zoom” in it, and sure – some have nothing to do with the Zoom video conference service, but let’s be honest, a lot probably do given the recency of these registrations.

It will be interesting to see if Zoom ends up filing UDRPs against people in some cases and if law enforcement ends up shutting down some of the sites that end up popping up on these domains.

As for anyone registering Zoom-related domains thinking you’re going to sell them to Zoom, think again!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton