October Was My Highest Traffic Month Of 2012 – Here’s What I Learned

After looking over my traffic data from last month I’m excited to say that October was the highest traffic month my blog has seen all year. I think the #1 reason for this increase is that I quit my day job which meant taking a 8-hour or more daily time commitment out of my life. It meant rushing left and focusing more. However October also helped me reach one big realization when I looked at which posts caused the biggest traffic spikes – I should keep MorganLinton.com 100% focused on Domains, period.

Yes, it’s taken me over five years to get this but better late than never right? When I looked at the posts that made last month so strong I noticed one common thread, they were all about Domaining. Anything I posted about startups or fashion clearly did not even come close to catching the attention that my domain-related posts did.

This really shouldn’t have been a surprise, I started this blog back in October of 2007 laser focused on Domaining and it is clear that a vast majority of my readers are Domain Investors. While my life has changed dramatically over the last five years, Domain Investing has become our one and only income source, it pays for our condo, car, vacations, savings, and of course, more domains. It has also allowed my wife and I to focus our days on what we truly love, building a startup of our own Fashion Metric.

Right now a majority of my time goes into our startup, however with Linton Investments 17-people strong, my Domaining business is doing better than ever and I want to keep this blog focused on the lessons I’m learning in the Domain Investing world every single day. That being said, looking at the data I’d venture a guess that about 15% of my readers are interested in startups and the VC world and about 5% are interested in fashion, and together Daina and I run blogs covering both of those topics.

So, if you want to follow our startup adventures, make sure to tune-into Startup Nook, and if you want to follow the fashion world and the latest updates from Fashion Metric make sure to tune-into the Fashion Metric blog at blog.fashionmetric.com. Want to read about how I left my day job and build a Domaining business that now allows us to live the life we’ve dreamed of, stay right here on MorganLinton.com because what started in 2007 has changed my life and I hope that by reading this and giving away the lessons I learned for free, you can change your life as well.

Welcome back to MorganLinton.com, come along for my adventures in Domain Investing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton