3 Ways To Increase Inbound Offers On Your Domains

There’s nothing like selling a domain based on an inbound offer, in fact many Domainers only sell based on inbound offers and if you have the portfolio to support it this is absolutely the way to get top dollar for your names. However, there are many people that get little to no offers on their names, yet they could be getting offers. Below are three ways to increase inbound offers on your domains.

Important note: if your domains suck (sorry, don’t mean to be harsh but let’s just be honest) then using these tips probably won’t do a thing. However, if you have decent names that do have some potential end-user buyers, give one or more of these tips a try.

  1. Use a parking service that allows you to clearly show that the domain is for sale. I recommend TrafficZ, ParkLogic, and Internet Traffic, all provide easy ways to add “For Sale” banners to your domains.
  2. Keep your WHOIS information public and up-to-date. Make sure your email and phone number on your WHOIS record is up-to-date. If you aren’t comfortable giving away your phone number then use a service like Grasshopper.
  3. Don’t Develop Your Domain. Sorry but if your domain looks like a fully developed website (or is a fully developed website) don’t expect to get many offers.

As always feel free to share your own tips below or comment on any of mine.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton